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    again I'm still having trouble. The server does more often than not not save the game. How it happens? I have the webinterface running parallel and from said time to time under the savegame tab the savegames simply disappear. We have one on Papenburg and one on Erlengrat, Papenburg being the one we actually play on currently. So, when the savegame disappears (slot 1) I have one option only: restore from a Backup. Well I have found out, that when I save the game while logged in as an admin ingame does create a backup. Backups are seemingly done as well automatically by the server, but I can't figure out in which interval. It seems random as hell. Anyways. For the most part this isn't a big problem as I try to remember to save the game every 15mins or so. But the problem is when you don't notice that the savegame is gone from the server itself and the server does crash out then. As soon as the savegame disappears from the savegame tab the server seems to be crashed out, while oddly, you can continue to play on it. But, just as I am experiencing right now, while you are still on the server and you still save the game, the save or backup doesn't count anymore. It doesn't appear under the backup tab anymore. I also logged in via filezilla only to see that the most recent change in the savegame is already 2 hours old despite me continuing to play in the last two hours and saving like every 15 minutes. This in turn leads to me having to redo stuff twice or even thrice several times now, because sometimes you don't notice that the server is crashing out again - (Usually you shouldn't even have to worry about something like that!) While in recent times I had much luck and when I noticed the server glitching out I could load up a backup most of the time that was like what - 20mins old. Not too bad. Although still really annoying. But now its at a point again where I can basically replay the last two hours and I'm just so tired of it. Besides the "could not register at friends server #10010" thing appearing in the server.log there is nothing where I could say thats the culprit. I don't know what to do.

    Game version is and the map version of Papenburg is the most recent one as well.

    The title says it all. Server stopped to install a mod, tried starting it thereafter and now I get this.

    "Could not register at friends server: #10001"

    Well well well. I've read that it has nothing to do with me but with Giants' server hosting, but it is like this for about 3 hours now and when I browse the online games ingame there are still plenty of servers so I highly doubt, that there is a problem with Giants. Anybody know a fix?

    And just right now the same thing again: stopped the server to install a mod, pressed the mod menu in the webinterface and suddenly I can't connect to it anymore and now the server is completely stopped with me having no way to restart it to play without the new mod. Thanks for nothing Nitrado.


    I've now discovered that every day at 2:00am GMT while playing on the server I lose connection and the webinterface becomes unavailable. I can't say for how long that goes on as I mostly go to sleep when it happens. But has it got something to do with my server or with nitrado? I have an automatic restart configured BUT set to between 3:00am - 6:00am when the server is empty, so theres that.

    Anybody has a clue?

    Also having the same issue right now. Can't connect to the webinterface. And thats after I stopped the server to install a new mod. Now the server is stopped, the mod isn't installed and I can't start the server again to at least continue playing. Great.

    The title really says it all. I'm usually an extremely patient person, but what's been happening the last ~7 days is a freaking joke. Within this time span while I am co-hosting my friends farming sim server there hasn't been a span of 24 hours where we did not have a problem. Either webinterface not usable as it somehow can't connect, or just like now the whole server loses connection. I myself had a teamspeak server via Nitrado for about 8 years, but this s*** has been unbearable. Really frustrating.

    I'm severely disappointed, honestly.