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    Realistically, a team of 2-3 Sys admins / engineers should have been able to tackle this in 48-72 hours.

    It's a bit of an over simplification, I would think the methodology would be something like this: Provision new hosts, create a new VM/Server image, test image, update any automation, apply routing and QoS rules etc..., deploy to prod.

    I'm assuming Nitrado simply doesn't have the infrastructure (Or capital) to support this kind of build out, and is scrambling to procure more hardware or proc share time (Depending on their backbone), because it's a relatively simple process, all things considered.

    The lack of distinct lack of an ETA five days after the update dropped (Knowing it was coming for some time) leads me to believe the crux of the issue is either incompetence or just an outright lack of planning / caring.

    Several streamers/content creators somehow got a refund and went elsewhere, Cheese is still holding out.. i'm probably going to wait for one more day, then i'll likely demand a refund due to a service not provided.

    I'm getting about there myself. The lack of communication to the userbase is really starting to turn me off to using this service in the future.

    My ten, in no particular order:

    Crossed Swords
    Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
    Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    Street Fighter III
    Civ (Any)
    FF VI