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    No dice. Xbox players still experiencing routine crash at regular intervals. It's odd because their ping is excellent, and I know their internet is stable. I can't imagine it's a server setting, and it's not due to ping. Have you heard any report of this from other people, or have an idea of what I could be? Is there anything on the backend that could cause this?

    I wish I could see the backend of server hosting. Is there some kind of "kit"(like how bitnami packages a WAMP stack, and I assuming you know what that is) where someone has packaged everything need for local server hosting? I wouldn't want to run one from my own hardware as it's used for other things, but I would like to set one up simply to learn and for greater understanding of the system. Like the server, sql database, etc...

    Awesome. Is it customary for Nitrado to push server updates a few days after official? I see that as beneficial to us as long as the game client is still compatible with the server side, because Nitrado can possibly delay updates when bugs are reported after server updates on official. Random question.

    I have been having an issue with Xbox players disconnecting from the server approximately every hour. I timed the disconnects with my phone. 2/3 players are experiencing this. I am the 1/3 on PC and have not experienced a disconnect. They are crashing to the Xbox home screen as well. I'm unsure as of yet whether this is directly a Nitrado Server issue or an Xbox issue. It is not related to ping or their internet either, as both have excellent connections and our Party never gets dropped. It also does not happen to them at the same time. It's almost as though there is a timer that begins when they login. They do not experience this on official.

    If anyone has an input feel free to chime in.

    I have a 3x multiplier for maturation on my server and actually doubled the amount of time for needing imprint interaction to 16 hours for my wyverns(the server settings are meant to cater to people with busy lives and 16 hr imprint interactions achieved that) . They all imprinted 100% from one interaction. I figured the formula takes into consideration the maturation time and disperses the %imprint accordingly. If the formula knows you will only have enough time to imprint a dino once before it matures it causes the %imprint to reflect that.

    I haven't tested it but that's my premise based on raising wyverns this past weekend with 3x maturation and doubling the imprint interaction frequency to 16 hrs and achieving 100% imprint on all 4 wyverns.

    Is it retaining engrams or no? I had a similar issue. Idk if I can post the link here:

    When I relog I no longer own Tribe Entities

    If it doesn't allow the link search for "when I relog I no longer own tribe entities". That's my thread for a simialr issue.

    If you could, inbox me the IP for your server as I'm curious of something.

    1. Try using a backup to fix it.

    2. Try reinstalling the game to fix it.

    *If those don't work you still want them to show in the server log as being attempted*

    3. Support Ticket:

    Take screenshots or a screen recording of you building a structure to show it is yours, then relog and take a screenshot showing you no longer own it. If your engrams reset show that as well. Submit these pictures in a support ticket with a DETAILED caption for each one, explaining the situation. Make sure to include "I already tried using a backup and reinstalling the server to fix the issue which should be visible in the server log".

    Try that. If I remember to I'll check this thread in a day or two to see if any of that helped.

    My issue was resolved and my server was moved to different hardware. DOAGEN, can you make the thread with [Resolved]? For those that may stumble upon this thread, if youh have an issue and you want it remedied asap, take screenshots of your issue and possibly a video recording as well. Submit this with your support ticket as it will likely move the process along much quicker.

    Thank you for the help DOAGEN.

    No resolution as of yet for that server. When I asked for details I was never given a reply, and after 4 days of growing increasingly annoyed I took it upon myself to troubleshoot the issue. I rented ANOTHER server, imported all of the my settings, and it worked from the moment I logged in. I reported my findings and asked for a refund for the defective server, saying I did the troubleshooting myself, and received a reply in less than 48 hrs.

    Server stability: 10/10 (when you have a viable server)

    Volunteer Moderator Support: 10/10

    Technical Support: 1/10

    I understand well the volume of support issues that can occur, having managed a highly technical development team where we have to handle support directly, but I'm honestly not impressed with technical support. I also understand they are limited to the tools the hierarchy allows them to have, but had a simple server exchange been the resolution given my time and Nitrados time could have been spared.

    P. S. : I just received a reply that tech support has reloaded a backup of my server to attempt to resolve the issue. I've reinstalled the server no less than 3 times. It's been at least 10 days and we are still attempting backups as the resolution when it says in the logs that the server has been re-installed at least 3 times. The one redeeming thing they have done is commit to extending my subscription time. They wouldn't have to if they simply issued me another server though.

    Here is the reply I received:

    "Hello, xxxxxxx

    Thank you for your support request.

    This bugs and glitcheS are being patched by ARK developers. Please let us know if you are still experiencing difficulties with this matter.

    I am not one to draw hasty conclusions based on unsubstantiated claims, but prior to taking over my department at work this is the kind of reply that would be given the customer to get them off the phone as soon as possible. This is not an accusation, simply an observation.

    Doagen, I would have pm'd you my concern but I saw your bio stated that you do not handle support via PM and I wanted to respect that. This is simply an inquiry as to the legitimacy of Tech Supports claim, or if there is a communication breakdown and I need to word my request differently in order to receive the proper resolution. I would have rather Pm'd this to avoid looking like a stereotypical douche that doesn't understand all that goes into running a platform and providing support for it, as I know very well how much work it requires.

    1. I included a link to the thread for simplicities sake. Th
    2. moderator DOAGEN said:
    3. "I would create a ticket at this point with Nitrado Support and ask to have
    4. your server moved."
    5. My server is not retaining character profile information like engrams or tribe
    6. creation. These are not retained after logging out. We tried a full wipe and
    7. server reinstall and it did not fix the issue.
    8. Your moderator was very helpful as well.

    Now, do I need to word my request differently to receive the desired result, or is the result I received the genuine conclusion for situation?

    I did not see the response to my reply till after I had left for work, but I have my personal laptop with me and will reinstall the server and test again. I'm doing my best to avoid this being a long, drawn out resolution where I am not able to use a service I am paying for.

    Thank you for your help.

    (P. S. I'm also burned out a little with work and it tends to make me a bit more direct)

    Unfortunately no dice.

    I logged in, leveled up to level 4, picked some engrams and made a tribe, and logged out. Logged back in and my engram points were reset and tribe dissolved. Character level is being retained though, which seems odd to me.

    Is there even a configuration setting that I could have active that would cause this behavior? Is there some sort of hidden backup that I need to delete from the webinterface along with reinstalling the server?

    Or a reinstall.

    This is probably where Im going to go. I used admin to give me the entities back, but after logging out and logging back in I found the tribe was dissolved again and many of my engrams that I unlocked had their points refunded, so likely some sort of file corruption.

    Reinstall is going probably going to be the only course of action to take?

    Its not a big deal as I'm purposefully not making progress as I familiarize myself with using the server, because I expect unforeseen variables. Ill only lose maybe an hour of play time.

    Shut the server down, wait a few minutes before continuing. Go in the File Browser to arkse/shootergame/saved/savedarks.

    Does this imply a file organization local to the nitrado server I can remotely access? Or is this on my local machine? If you are referring to files local to the server I am currently unfamiliar with how to access them, though I presume its some kind of FTP client. I have Filezilla already installed on my PC but I do not see any FTP info on my WebInterface Dashboard. I do not have the FTP information box or the MySQL information box, which I presume to be related to having an XBOX server.

    This all is very fun to troubleshoot though, as Im currenty teaching myself all the components of "Full Stack" development.

    Thank you for your help.

    I just recently purchased my Ark Server so I am still tinkering around with it and seeing how everything works. I logged out just now and logged back in and it is though I do not own the entities I placed before I logged out. Like my thatch hut says it belongs to "Tribe of Hardbrocklife" but they do not belong to me and I am building blocked. Just curious as to what Im doing wrong.

    Thanks in advanced.

    I was wanting to setup a Prim+ server as well for my girlfriend and I. After configuring everything and checking the Prim+ option in general settings, logging into the server revealed all engrams displaying in the engram menu, and I was unable to learn Prim+ specific engrams despite them being displayed in the engram menu. No pitchfork for me.

    Seeing as how the webinterface is basically just a GUI for the server ini files, one idea I had was to find a Prim+ game where the engrams are working, and pull the text for Prim+ engrams and copy it to the server ini files. I came up with that idea after seeing that if you use Engine Settings to make custom engram changes they are "coded" into the game.ini. Since you can spawn usable Prim+ items into a normal world (from my knowledge) and they work, you can basically create a normal world but with custom engram changes that reflect Prim+ engrams. Not sure if that is feasible, as I havent tried it and only had my server for a couple hours.

    I just really do no want to have to custom edit every single engram for Prim+ lol. Maybe if we want it bad enough we can all break up the resposibility of editing custom engram settings to make it less daunting, and exhange what we have.

    Just some random ideas/suggestions for a work around.

    Just wanted to start a thread for current and future webinterface suggestions.

    Server: Ark Xbox

    Section: Settings>General

    Suggestion: Unit of measurement for timers defined either at the top of the settings page denoting unit of measurement throughout the Settings page, or unit of measurement denoted in individual configurable settings.

    Note: I did some math and figured out that most of the units of measurement for timers or intervals seems to be in seconds, but if that could be noted somewhere in the text for the setting change options I think that would really improve the user experience. Im a telemetry engineer that manages a website our data is pushed to so im familiar with configuring information based on customer perception.

    Overall, I really like the way the webinterface helps people unfamiliar with editting ini files to change settings for their server. My suggestion is made with that in mind.

    Also, thanks for developing an autosetup for server purchasing and starting. Streamlining that process was genius. Good work.