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    Today, My Ark mobile Server back to normal.

    Population back to normal, after being restored by nitrado support team.

    This is purely a mistake not from me.

    I hope this thread is closed.





    If you do not have access to do a recovery backup (believe mobile does not) you will need to contact Nitrado Support.

    We have no access to accounts or servers here.

    Our apologies. Thank you.

    I can't restore the server backup,

    Yes, I'm currently creating tickets for the Nitrado support team.

    a lot of money i spent to build the server.

    things like this sometimes make me disappointed.

    Hi everyone, my ark mobile server a few hours ago suddenly shutdown, and when the server started, the population on the server goes back to zero, and accounts were empty no base no dino tamed;(.

    Please help me restore my server population as before.