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    I left mine sit after fresh install all night and this morning my pregen 8k map was working. I think will all the new stuff, world creation and server starting is just taking longer than we are used to, although I have not had the server constantly restarted issue since this last server reinstall.

    i suggest you open a ticket, i have opened one, but they are extremely slow at responding it, mine was opened on Monday, now it's Wed, so im hoping they will respond soon.

    Looks like ive got pregen 6k opening up now. I did uninstall the regular 7days to die that was on my server, not sure if thats what fixed it. My A19 world had been deleted already anyways.

    On email 13 so far.................let's see how far I can go, before they admit there's a problem!! By the way, I live in a one party consent state, and I'm completely within my legal right to disclose these emails. This-is-pathetic.

    The only way I have gotten my server to work on A20 is on navezgane

    Also to anyone not wanting to wait until next year for anyone to remotely care.

    I moved everything to another host. And that works fine, custom maps work, game is stable, no problems.
    The Nitrado install simply doesn't work, but they claim it's all fine while it clearly isn't.

    I am currently logging into my A20 server and seeing if it will work. My web went down last night after I did a fresh a20 install so I was not able to test it. I will load my custom map after a minute and see if they have figured the problem out.