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    Was playing genesis with a few friends about a week ago, decided to change to Ragnarok. Server has not shown up in the list for 4 days now. I have tried stopping and starting, reinstalling the server, reinstalling ark etc... Nothing is working. We are Windows 10 playing on an xbox server, crossplay is definitely enabled and we do not play on Steam. Need help asap pls :)

    Servers purchased through the MS store are for XBox servers only. Then you have to enable CrossPlay on that XBox for Win10/PC (nonSteam) players to play withThi

    This fixed it for my friends but not me, I can only see 1 or 2 servers in each category so I think its a problem with my game. Any fixes?

    Just bought an ark server through microsoft store for PC, done this before and it worked fine but now it won't show up in game and I definitely have the right filters on. Saw there were some issues with Nitrado on Twitter, should it be working now?