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    I am having issue with mods, my home server loads the mods fine, but each and every cluster will not load the mods which causes tons of issues. Why is it never simple? and do other hosts have this issue or is it just nitrado? because its just making it impossible for me to run a server with these constant issues. Why does it only work on one server but not the others?

    The mod is also NOT WORKING on main / home server.

    The mod we are (and have been forever) trying to run is Custom Item Stacks (1629667379 ) an official steam workshop mod

    this mod works flawlessly for me but any other mod will not, the first mod listed in the server cluster (or the modid field that has only been added will work) but ANY other mods after that is a no go. So i literally can only have one MOD and that is it. which is painful