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    Iam totally new on this forum and Nitrado.

    I was trying to setup a scum server and i know nothing about servers.

    Like really really nothing iam as noob as you come in this area and i have no clue what a ftp server is or what is needed to even setup a game server.

    So anyway i cant get my server setup and i rented a 3 day lease just to try to do it and i suspected it wouldnt work from start. Mostly becouse iam so noobie to but i was thinking well then it must be best to try to set it up on a service that has support.

    Becouse i have had friends that have setup their own servers in the past manually but that was a long time ago.

    The faq didnt help me much especially when issues arise not mentioned.

    So comparing with other game server services like Gportal at youtube and easy accessebility etc etc and other site services i used in the past for other services not gaming it would not be a

    dumb idea to create a video support library walktrough and trouble shooting library on youtube so people could fallow a step by step manual to setup a game and in the same time get the instrusctions of what to do in case of problems occur and what is needed etc etc.

    It would both save the support team time and the users.

    Like now i dont know if i need ftp what it is how to set it up sockets adresses routers etc and the only video of it and nitrada i found was in spannish.

    So creating a library like that would probably not me a dumb idea especially for noobs like me.