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    Been waiting 10 days for mine to go up.

    Please refer to the pinned thread at the top of the Dayz section

    GooniesTV it's not Nitrado fault it's Bohemia(Dayz) they can't develop a game.. Nitrado want to give us all a sever, but dayz server browser is shit. They browser can't hold all servers, they did a shit of hotfix to that would fix the problem..

    I hope thats sarcasm considering Bohemia hotfixed this issue like 3 days ago....

    Almost 2 weeks. I tried to show patience but 2 weeks is a lot to ask after waiting months. Cancelled the pre order. People should probably do the same and I bet it won't be a pre order anymore. They just want our money with no intention on providing the product they advertise. Good luck guys. The wait was real.

    You've been told where to watch for updates multiples times. We understand you're frustrated with the PreOrder of a server not being ready. This however is a preorder. You're preordering a service that will be available once it is ready. That's what a preorder is.

    There have been games that even when preordered I've played up front have been pushed back multiple times. This is sometimes how things work. Again I'm sorry

    JDogg Apparently while WE keep informed as to the goings on with our beloved game These moderators do not. Infact these unemployed no bodies who move one thread from one forum to another all tell you the same thing.... Look at the pinned most that hasnt been changed in almost 2 weeks. NEWS FLASH SERVER ISSUES ARE FIXED! We paid for a service we want this service filled. This isnt some preorder on a game thats pushed back this is a I ordered something now have been waiting almost 2 weeks I could understand the issue before, However This issue is solved and I now want what I pay for.... Or has Nitrado not heard of the Better Business Bureau and a Lawyer. It may have only been 13 dollars out of my pocket but its up to 100 150 out of someone elses.

    been over a week for me. Honestly i either get my server today or they can refund my cash and Not that it matters to them but i will never purchase from nitrado again.