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    You all it’s called PRE-order for a reason it’s gonna take time. Especially when you have thousands of servers, and more coming in. I’m sure they are working on it, and trying to get more rolling in as fast as possible. Hold on a little bit longer.

    lol, The thing is with "PRE-orders" they at least have release dates. Also with pre orders they don't just give a small amount of people the product and tell everyone else that theirs is coming soon. Tell me how is it that Nitrado said they were going in order of said preorders yet people said they preordered servers on the 11th yet people who preordered 3-4days ago are receiving theirs. Something you should think about or put your self in the shoes of the people that have been waiting since supposive launch date.

    I've been waiting since the 11th. Its actually getting ridiculous. At first I understood but now its very tiresome everyday looking at my email or my nitrado app to see if my server is available. I'm kinda over it.