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    OK might have just finally noticed why no messages are working. at the top it no longer gives the complete version on your first line. I changed it so now it states "version 1.05."

    I noticed that it was only "version 1.0"

    whether or not my new format for the server restart messages will work i don't know yet but will keep you updated. if it works i will reply with the format i used if anyone would like to use it as well.

    How did you get on with this?

    Players mass kicked and then get unknown error on trying to re connect

    This happens way too often. Server restart and console restarts dont help.

    I assume this is down to your routing?

    Please fix. it's annoying when people get kicked and end up going elsewhere as they cant get on for hours again.

    The other day the server just died. It was the middle of the night so wasnt restarted for hours. I asked for an explanation but didn't get one. DO you not have logs?

    Do you monitor the server statuses of your customers?

    Support Tickets take over 12 hours to get a response and still not resolved over 25 hours later.

    C'mon guys, we are paying for these servers and therefore expect a reasonable amount of support with them.

    As a minimum I would expect a refund for the time the server cant be used!

    1st, this is tagged as the XBox Mega thread, The PS4 thread is locked and referred to the "Mega thread". This one? (all my questions relate to PS4)

    Now that the ride is open and people are getting on again (Servers are getting installed) the ride operators are for sure going to keep the queue (Pre-Orders) open. If you're tired of the wait in a ride queue, you leave it (You're entitled to a full refund)

    So servers are rolling out again now then? (PS4 servers)

    Can I please ask, do you have to purchase and install extra hardware based on the amount of pre orders? And If so, how long does it take to purchase, connect and configure the hardware for, say 10 servers approximately?

    Also, the waves of servers that get set up, Are we taking 10's or 100's in a wave?

    And finally, How many waves per working week?