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    The server I help run is having the same issue (Ps4). Enough with the mickeymousing and work arounds.

    Tell us why your customers are having this issue so often, what is being done to fix it and when we can expect it to be fixed.

    If your "techs" don't know, say so. If your "techs" don't know how to fix it, tell us. If your techs can't provide a time frame when this will be fixed let us know that.

    Transparency is a good thing. Save some face. Be honest to the people throwing money at you for a broken service. If your going to monopolize DayZ servers, at least have it work consistently.

    If there isn't an honest reply, myself and others have every reason to see Nitrado as taking the low road on the issue.

    also have a server in NY my players and i cant connect to around 11pm last night. Still not able to connect at 7:30am. A lot of people are having the issue. HOPEFULLY THE WILL BE SOME SORT OF ANNOUNCEMENT FROM NITRADO.

    I would love a more detailed explanation for the delay AND for the false information being given to be corrected. mods are first saying 1st come 1st serve.... ok, hmmm that isn't checking out. mods then say its by region. this also doesn't check out. I purchased two servers within minutes of another person i know on discord from the same region. He got his the next day. I'm on day 11..... the rest are supposed to be out this week. we'll see. I'm pressing X here.

    Edit: I'm not done with you guys yet. Seriously, you guys know you made bank. Yes, I know, Bohemia messed up. You guys KNEW that half of these servers wouldn't be up anytime soon. and you kept raking it in anyways. All we want is a story that friggin checks out and isn't immediately contradicted by customers wondering where our products are while the bigwigs in the nitrado office are on the floor making money angels.