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    Mekki bro the analogy had me rolling. I understand what's going on but still frustrating I still have high regard for y'alls servers though I'm dying to get on mine so I can quit just burning time on random servers lol. Have you guys suggested that bohemia setup a "search" bar on their server list interface and slim line it so that when every person pings in they can have it set to not have to log into every server in the list (which in my humble opinion sends a 2 way ping that adds a tad bit of info that corresponds to lag to every server at once).

    With every server being constantly "micro connected" to by players when the servers have to show up in all lists it more than likely may be the root cause in their issues. I'm not a dev, just an old country boy with a bit of common sense and this SOUNDS logical to me. I know it's not y'alls issue but I'm sure they would take your input on the situation long before they would mine. Heck coin the info and charge them for it for all I care i just would love to be able to game lol.

    lol on1wheel750

    And Ciggynz I wouldn't sweat it to hard nitrado has always come through with any problems ive had through them. I have 4 servers totaling to about 120 slots on this account and 4 totaling about the same 120 on my brothers account that we have had running for nearly a year total. Along with several other servers prior to that and ive honestly always had good service from nitrado other than this dayz stuff and I can't really fault nitrado to much on it. Ive had to call tech support a few times and they NORMALLY are alright but every now and then you catch them on a bad day lol. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly for us.

    I ordered on the 8th as well (server is out of new york if that matters) I'll let you know as soon as mine is installed as well. 9 days and still nothing. I don't blame nitrado for the first 6 but since then it's been 3 days that they have been back to installing them and nothing yet which is very unlike nitrado. I have servers through them for over a year now and no problems except with this one that I still havent been able to use... sad...I personally feel like bohemia should extend runtime on all servers by like 2 weeks that were preordered prior them starting back installing. We paid 50 bucks USD for a half finished game then get excited about servers only for it to be delayed weeks after everyone purchases them expecting to play. Bad customer support/service in my opinion.

    Still waiting on my server as well but I'm sure they will offer more options as to customization of the servers before to long once the community demands them. Ark servers have pretty complete controls of settings and I'm sure this will eventually be near to the same. They are for sure dropping the ball on the time it's taking to install these though. I have had 100+slots worth of nitrado servers for a long while and havent had issues like this until with dayz so giving them the benefit of the doubt and blaming dayz not nitrado but still a bummer not being able to let my community play on our server. I did a 10 slot but was planning to jump it to a 40 within a few days but i still cant do anything due to it being still in preorder.... money and time loss to both dayz and nitrado imo.