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    Unfortunatley No I've had problems with the in game map just being blank for around a year now and nitrado don't respond to anyone plus any tickets that get made about Atlas are instaantly marked as resolved and closed without hearing a peep from nitrado support.

    I had that issue but try this I use it in the file browser>saves>nitrado>Sandbox_Config.sbc

    Try this in the code beside <mods> remove the / if it's part of <mods>


    repeat that code with each new mod and ID you are adding I have 6 working mods right now

    Basically I got a space engineers server a couple of days ago and it looks like some options on it that once you edit,save and retart the server don't seem to change especially a really annoying one called "enable research" which as it sounds turns of in game research but no matter what I do it seems to stay active any ideas? I tried fresh reinstalls going into the code and change it's value to "false" instead of true nothing seems to work and nitrado are just no responsive as always.

    I was also curious if anyone else is having these problems??(

    Hi I just rented a server for space engineers having been away from the game and noticed there are now certain mods available for console and all information I'm trying to find on how to add mods to a server all conflict each other The file browser now has a mods folder in it but I have no idea how to add mods to the server.

    This link looks completely out of date but it's all I can find what is the situation with mods I know you can only have a few so I'm only picking ones that are also available from the xbox ingame workshop which bring me to the question how do you add mods to you rxbox nitrado server for this game? :?: