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    Once you go into the actual dedicated server settings you can enable cross play (usually automatically selected) which will allow you both to play together.

    But at this second the servers are down for FS22.

    You will purchase the server online with PC or your phone, Thus this should still allow you to connect to the server with any cross play supported devices. such as Xbox PC, and Xbox.

    So I have to buy the server on my phone and then sign into it on my xbox? And then give my husband the log in so he can play with me? When the servers are up that is.

    The problem is I’ve never bought a server. I have no clue how to do it on my xbox. It says I have to use the nitrado app on the xbox but the only fs22 option is for pc. And idk how to use it once I purchase it

    How does buying a server work. My husband and I purchased farming simulator 22 so we could play together. He is on playstation 4 and I am on xbox one. But I have no idea how to do any of this and I can’t find a how to anywhere.