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    Now I picked the game back up a few weeks ago after not playing since A15 so I got to experience a bunch of updates all at once. The game definetly feels a lot more different than what it was back then and I enjoy how the game is turning out. Now A18 is getting close to release and I am excited for new things to come to the game.

    However I am uncertain if this new update will give me the same feeling A17 gives me. I looked back onto the patch notes for A17 and find that the update added quite a bit to the game, fleshing it out. I then look at what it suppose to be coming in A18 and it seems like the amount of stuff that will be added is not as much as last time.

    Seems like half of the amount of content is being added. Now I know this is just an Alpha so I should not expect equally larger updates since its not like an expansion from an already released game. Though I still get that "gimme more plz" sort of itch. Almost makes me kind of want to wait after we get an A19 or A20 before I play agiain.

    Though that is years away from getting those so I most likely wont wait. What does everyone think? Does A18 seem like unsatisfying compared to A17? Do you think there is still time to add a lot more content?