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    I have a couple of questions regarding CrossArk and moving around between maps. I am a bit cautious because I don't want to lose my character or stuff. When I go to the configuration for CrossArk it says that it's currently not working when the server is password protected, and that I need to download my character instead. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of CrossArk? I mean most people password protect their servers right?

    I guess my question is if that's even still an issue. if so, what are the limitations? Can I still transfer Dinos and equipment?

    My second question is what if I start my own Ark server on Windows 10 and assign it the same cluster ID as the 2 servers I have with Nitrado. Would that work or is it limited to just Nitrado servers?

    Anyway, if somebody has some experience in this area I would appreciate feedback on it

    Thank you!