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    Feels like its problem on the uk servers.. Something have happen. We have another server with usa host that didnt have problems.

    Hopes mod or other nitrado staff read this and take it to the tabel.

    We have same problems with other players on our servers.. We have tried everything from rolback ect. Nothing seems to work..

    All started when 2 servers got stuckt in a server restart loop from nowhere, fix one server from the loop, after 20 min the other start to the same 🤔 after that people get timeout or freze when joining.

    Looks like alot of owners of server got same problem in same day, feels like its someting bigger that nitrado should look in to... Already have a ticket start woth nitrado

    Hey. Does anybody in here have problem seeing how many players that are online? Can't see on the app or on the web. All its saying is 0 players, but it's always around 15 players online 24/7.

    Anybody have the same issues? Have had this issues before but it's going back to normal after some minutes. Now have been this like over 30hours.

    I don't know about ps4, but they have just roll out a couple of more server on Xbox today a moment ago

    Hello can someone help me please ive bought the server 4days ago and now when I go on my Xbox and go on the nitrado app it says my server is no longer there but it still says it’s preordered on my phone I’m really confused and I don’t know if I’ve been scammed or not? I haven’t even received an email

    Hopeful u maybe will get in 7-8 days, people have been waiting longer than 4days to get there server.

    I've also been waiting for 4-5 days for our 32-slot server and still nothing, notta, zilch. They say they are slowly activating servers (updated last night), but I also see some people claim they have been waiting 10-days. If true, that's ridiculous and they deserve their money back plus an apology! However, I don't think anyone knows exactly whats taking place or how long the actual wait will be and updates have been exceedingly slow/vague. For all of us who are still in "pre-order" status, all we can do is wait, hope they get their !$*@ together, and complain on the forums:)

    Good luck to you all,

    Are you all stupid or something? It's not Nitrado fault.. It's Bohemia, they are the ones how pulling the strings. They will not let Nitrado install more server before they give green light that the server browser ect will work with more server.... That's why the take baby step in install new servers.

    If u guys want to complain do it to Bohemia(Dayz). Nitrado do what Bohemia tell them to do.. They can't do anything about it. Just deal with it.