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    Thank you Doa for all your work!

    We will miss you and wish you all the best in your future!

    Thanks for everything Doa! ❤️

    Thank you Sir!

    The Nitrado App for Xbox and Mobile needs to be reverted back to the older version of it, this current version is horrible. Everything is super tiny on the screen, it's difficult to navigate and I can't even hit the button to turn off automatic extension for my server on the xbox app. It's pretty ridiculous, I used to like the Nitrado app because it was super simple to use but now it's solution is to take you to the website. I'd prefer if I could keep doing everything in the app instead of being taken to the online web interface.

    the first change is done. We have fixed the Login Screen on the App.

    There was the problem that the buttons in the login window were on top of each other when selecting cookies, which led to the fact that you could not accept the cookies.

    This is now fixed.


    Can you give us a list of configurations you would like in the web interface?

    I can pass this on to the colleagues, if they add the settings. But I can't promise it.


    24. February 2020

    • Minecraft FTB / Curse - All The Mods 4 -> 1.0b (1.14.4)

    9. April 2020


    • Minecraft (Technic Launcher) After Humans 1.12.2 -> 1.12.1a

    15. April 2020

    Minecraft Feed the Beast / Curse

    • All the Mods 4 -> 1.1 (1.14.4)
    • MC Eternal -> 1.3.51 (1.12.2)
    • Enigmatica2 -> 1.77 (1.12.2)
    • Enigmatica2: Expert -> 1.79a (1.12.2)
    • Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons -> 1.37 (1.12.2)
    • Project Ozone 3 -> 3.2.55 (1.12.2)

    Minecraft Technic Launcher

    • Tekxit 3 (Official) -> 0.972 (1.12.2)

    14. May 2020


    • Feed the Beast / Curse Launcher - RL Craft -> 2.8.2 (1.12.2)
    • Feed the Beast / Curse Launcher - Project Ozone 3 -> 3.3.57 (1.12.2)
    • Feed the Beast / Curse Launcher - All the Mods 4 -> 1.3 (1.14.4)
    • Feed the Beast / Curse Launcher - MC Eternal -> (1.12.2)

    26. June 2020


    • Feed the Beast / Curse Launcher Project Ozone 3 -> 3.3.59 (1.12.2)
    • Feed the Beast / Curse Launcher MC Eternal -> 1.3.6 (1.12.2)

    17. July 2020


    Minecraft Feed the Beast / Curse Launcher:

    • SevTech: Ages -> 3.1.3 (1.12.2)
    • Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons -> 1.38 (1.12.2)

    Minecraft Technic Platform:

    • Tekxit 3 -> 0.981 (1.12.2)

    Minecraft Otherpacks:

    • Forge Vanilla 32.0.68 (1.16.1)


    Minecraft Feed the Beast / Curse Launcher:

    • All The Mods 5 - 2.10 (1.15.2)
    • Rebirth of the Night - 2.77.5 (1.12.2)

    19. August


    Minecraft Feed the Beast / Curse Launcher

    • Minecraft Eternal -> (1.12.2)
    • Skyfactory 4 -> 4.2.2 (1.12.2)
    • All the Mods 5 -> 2.16b (1.15.2)

    Minecraft Otherpacks:

    • Forge Vanilla 1.16.2, 33.0.7


    Minecraft Feed the Beast / Curse Launcher

    • All the Mods 6 - 0.26a (1.16.1)

    29. September 2020


    Minecraft Feed the Beast / Curse Launcher

    • FTB Sky Odyssey -> 1.2.0
    • All the Mods 6 -> 0.29
    • FTB Presents Skyfactory 3 -> 3.0.15
    • SevTech Ages -> 3.1.7
    • Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons -> 1.39

    Minecraft Otherpacks:

    • Forge Vanilla 1.16.1 - 32.0.108
    • Forge Vanilla 1.16.3


    an FTP connection to your server is required.

    Connect to your server via FTP and stop it at the same time.

    Now delete the new world in the "mincraftbukkit" folder. (Delete the folders world, world_nether and world_the_end")

    Now move the "world" folder from the "minecraft" folder into the "minecraftbukkit" folder.

    If you are using PaperMC now, the worlds are automatically separated into their respective folders.

    Therefore I recommend to use PaperMC which you can activate under "Settings -> Change Version".

    these are not backups, but every 15 minutes only the status from RAM is saved to the hard disk. These points cannot be restored explicitly.

    For a backup there is the backup function in the web interface under "Tools -> Restore backup".

    The backups you have in the pictures are from the World Manager. This was changed. If you want to restore them, download them, unzip them and upload them via FTP to your server.


    i have informed the colleagues that the modpack is available. I ask for your patience in this matter. If and when the modpack will be integrated, I can not say exactly.

    Alternatively, the desired modpack can be installed manually on the game server. A tutorial for this is available in our Wiki.

    If there are any further questions or requests, we are happy to be at your disposal again. Until then I wish you a pleasant day.