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    This is getting really annoying. Only having a 4 hour call in window and the server never seems to have issues then. but as soon as you close it disappears. does someone flip the wrong switch on their way out? I've had my server for 3 days now and each day multiple times it has dropped, disappeared and im confused at this point what I am paying for.

    On the bright side I can say since we bought our server months ago we havent had this issue before, it's only occurred in the past 2 weeks

    All we can provide is that the information was passed along.

    Also it was also already suggested to visit the vendor and use their suggestion comments. The more they here from the Community.

    Although I think ultimately it will be Sony working out a agreement with Bohemia. And that can take months if at all.

    Really nothing more we can do otherwise passing the info off and that already has been done.

    Thank you.

    It's alright, I managed to get into contact personally with DayZ and they've told me that everything I suggested made sense for them to add, and that they were working on it and would release information publicly once everything was ready for release.

    Thanks for trying though.

    Alright, I gave this another week. Anything the Nitrado officials can report? Even if it's that they've passed on the info but haven't heard anything back. Would be nice to know that this has actually happened instead of reaching a dead end.

    Hey, when you're on your control panel you can view the changes you, and other people have made to the server in the Events Log. Found on the left-side of the page between Dashboard and Log Files.

    Everything regarding changes you can make to your server are in the General tab. If it's not in there you cannot change it.

    You can also view Log Files which show the events happening in-game. You can use useful websites such as, select the map you are hosting and paste in the coordinates on that website to pin-point where things are happening.

    Thanks Doagen, i'm glad you can appreciate the community asking its hosting for a helping hand. We all appreciate and respect Nitrado and its staff members for the job they do for us.

    It would be fantastic if we got a response from a Nitrado rep/dev mentioning that they've noticed this thread and are making an effort to pass this information on. This would be a great show of support and connection between the customers and Nitrado which can only better your reputation.

    As a side note I've also re-submitted another DayZ suggestion their official way.

    Merry Christmas!

    Feel free to read the post, I've already done this.

    For features request/feedback BitStudio is the only option to voice out, Nitrado support proactively escalate issues to Bohemia for chronic issue related to Nitrado servers related to Dayz games, I don't think they will be in position or should be responsible to escalate making consumer features request.

    No harm in trying.

    Greetings Nitrato staff (i'm aware some of you are just forum moderators who have no possible way of contacting Bohemia, but if you could refer this to the people who do have the connection)

    I am apart of a DayZ Ps4 Community that incorporates the majority of major servers. Including 28 Days, DayZ n Chill, Humanitarian RP, Red Dawn RP, Chernarus 2033, DonSibleyGames, DayZ Bootyclap, DayZ Roleplay, the Bad Lands, From the Ashes and plenty more. All combined with a member count of about 5000+ DayZ players.

    As a collective we struggle to monitor server rules we've put in place which customize our servers and make them what they are. We all run servers with different rule-sets which make them more than glorified public servers that we pay extensive amounts of money to have.

    Though due to the limited amount of server-logs we are allocated we suffer from having players abuse these rules and generally ruin the experience for not only the people playing, but the people running these servers too.

    What I was wondering was if there was any chance that you could, on behalf of us console server owners could ask DayZ/Bohemia a few questions about increasing our server-logs.

    These would be great to have:

    • Ability to see location (coordinates) of where a user connects, and disconnects.
    • Ability to see player building, dismantling or destroying base-building objects.
    • Ability to see player placement of Bear-traps and landmines.
    • Ability to see player thrown items (Flares, Grenades, Flash-bangs, Smoke Grenades)
    • Ability to toggle which things the server tracks and displays in our ADM files. (Example, disable infected damage logs but keep other logs)
    • Ability to see who enters a car and the location, as well as the driver of the vehicle when hitting another player with the car.
    • Camera Mode! This was something offered to us when they were hyping up private servers.

    I wouldn't be doing this if it weren't the last option I could exhaust. I've been trying to contact them over twitter, their official reporting/suggesting function and everything; but to no avail. You are the only hope to get this message across, and we hope that you can do this on behalf of all console server owners.

    Thank-you and Merry Christmas!

    Greetings, I've made a thread instead of a ticket because this isn't personal to me I don't believe.

    Recently checking the log files I can conclude that sometimes they are providing the incorrect logs.

    An example attached, (some redacted for user safety).

    The example is that a player has stood on a fireplace, and has taken fireplace damage, but then for some reason it changes the damage once it starts repeating to damage via Fence/BarbedWire. I've confirmed with the player that this was not the case and all his damage came from the fireplace he stood on.

    Would be nice to have this addressed,

    Thanks in advance

    if you get that bot going for console let us know that's awesome

    HowsMyShot- is a pretty good programmer. Puts in a lot of effort to provide tools that no-one else does. I also suggest using his website to upload your servers logs to. It displays the entirety of that ADM file onto the map for easier viewing. You should ask him for an invite to his discord, that'll probably be the first place he lets people know its ready.

    As stated "modifications to your server in the webUI/ini files that are currently available."

    If you do not have this currently, then it is not available at this time.

    Our apologies

    Yes but can you explain further in detail, what should I be looking for in our control panel? You were the one that said it's for console, we have a PS4 DayZ server and there's nothing that I've been able to find regarding a boost?