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    Ark server is still not allowing consistent entry, certain friends can get in sometimes then it's others another time and vice versa. And when they get in it takes them multiple times of quitting the game, loading back in and continually trying to finally get in, it's never on the first try. Sometimes it gives PrimalGameData_BP loading screen then kicks you out and gives Error Message: Joining Failed: Could not Retrieve Address. Other times, it just goes straight to Joining Failed: Could not Retrieve Address. I just want to play the server I paid for. I've submitted multiple tickets spoken with Mekki staff saying it should be back up and it just fails again. If this is a continual occurrence I'd like to know how to get a refund, considering this was supposed to be resolved and we've never been able to consistently play since we bought the servers last Thursday.

    I have now gotten in but i have friends still having issues to join this server, it is not letting us in on the first try either. we get primalgamedata_BP loading screen then kicks with same error message

    I have a NY server as well, and have been getting: (Joining Failed) Could Not Retrieve Address Since last Thursday when me and my friends originally purchased it. I've tried calling the support number in the US and constantly get a busy signal.