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    My NY hosted servers are still down as well as your junk a__ support phone lines.

    They have been off the hook for days as well as your servers been offline.

    have lost 35+ players to your inability to fix things. Constant LAG SPIKES and DISCONNECTS will not hold a player base.

    I will not hold tight any longer corporate is going to hear of your lack of ABILITY AND SUPPORT.


    Im a server owner/admin Server has been crap for days, constant lag spikes and disconnects for everyone logged in,

    and now server has gone offline and no one can connect ....address not found issue again.

    Taking your support phones off the hook is a piss poor way to handle the issue.

    Still down, and yes they took the phone off the hook and have been for days.

    5 servers i run out of NY have been unplayable for 5 days now, If they are UP its constant lag only to have everyone crash at the same time in less than an hour.

    We are Paying for a live service that isnt LIVE.

    My Server out of NY has been running like crap for over a week. Constant LAG spikes and Disconnects for all players. Ive tried multiple times to contant support to only get a busy signal for 5 days now. Lost a community of 35+ players to this crap.

    I also have a server based out of NY , It has been kicking people out about every hour and the LAG spikes have made a community of 35+ go away.

    When i try to call the Support HOTLINE for service it has jusy had a busy signal for days......GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE...NOT REALLY