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    My group and I have been having the same FAILED TO RETRIEVE ADDRESS message since early this morning around 12:30am ET when we all got disconnected at the same time. Sounds like these NY servers are all jacked up from everything I'm reading on the forums and third party downdetector sites. We are mostly all based out of OH, so I'm guessing we're all having the same issues here.

    I am part of a small private unofficial PC server. A group of us pay for this server and early this morning (August 12, 2019) my friends and I got disconnected all at the same time around 12:30am ET. We were able to get back on the server for about 20 minutes and then all got disconnected again. We have not been able to log back on since. We are able to see our server listed in the session list, but every time we input our password the game acts like its going to load, but then brings us back to the session screen and says: JOIN FAILED: FAILED TO RETRIEVE ADDRESS. All of us have tried hard restting our consoles (Xbox One X), resetting our routers/gateways and we've also had our server guy restart the server twice. Nothing is working. It's upsetting that we PAY for this service and it's been knocked out for over 15 hours now. I refuse to believe this is a problem on our end at this point, based on other recent posts from fellow customers. At the bare mimimum, some kind of update on the servers would be great so we aren't all sitting here refreshing our servers for the next 24-48 hours. Thanks! Also, we are based out of the Ohio area, US server obviously.

    Same issue here! Part of a small, unofficial PC server hosted by Nitrado and last night my friends and I all got disconnected at the same time, it let us back on for about 20 minutes and then booted us again. Haven't been able to get back on the server since. We input our password and the games acts like its going to load for a moment, then brings us back to the session list and says COULD NOT RETRIEVE ADDRESS. This is extremely annoying considering this is a paid service. If any mods are reading, our server is US based, most of us being from the Ohio area. Would love ANY kind of updates on US servers.