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    Hello all. I am new to having a private server so I have a question.I have a last oasis server. I currently have 4 maps I selected to be on my server. If I am on my canyon map and build a permanent base, and I switch to the sleeping sleeping Giant map for a while, will I come back to the canyon map later to find it gone? If so is there a way to prevent that? I hear talk about saving the data but do not see any option on the myrealm dashboard for that. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You in advance.

    I just jumped into hosting a private server for myself and a couple friends with Last Oasis on it so I am painfully figuring out the ropes as I have never done this before. I am at the point where I have to choose which 5 maps I will put on the server. I am given a list of maps to choose, 3 medium and 7 hard ones. I would like to have my first map a medium one, as it will take up one of the 5 map spaces I have and starting out on a medium map is very doable instead of wasting it on a cradle map. My problem is making a choice on which of the 3 medium maps I should use. My choice's are Ancient City, Canyon 11, and Canyon B. I would like one with all the different resources available to level up and build most of the walkers , weapons, tools and equipment :). I understand there is no iron, or other advanced materials on a medium map, but I can add them in one of my open 4 slots later on. So what I am trying to find out if there a site where I can see the map layout and list of resources each one has to help me make a good starting , intermediate map choice? Thank you in advance of any help given. Take care all.