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    anyone else notice the moment we ask for a time extension for this screwup the ppl at nitrado stopped replying here. i too bought on the 14th their promo said it would be available 14th this is becoming false advertising...

    you need to open a support ticket for time extension; i got 2 days added to each of my servers for this debacle by politely asking for 1 day of run time compensation.

    I'd like more than some people already have it but you don't lol Kinda weird if some people have it on console why don't everyone? ZzzzzzzZ lol

    I've been staring at this screen for 6+ hours waiting. If some people already have it then that's 1000% nitrado literally dropping the ball... yet again... as they do on every new map release. I absolutely cannot fathom the fact how difficult this is. I've asked them to share the ability to host so we can host from our own machines due to their negligence. Obvious constant answer was "Sorry, no."

    Edit: Before the mods get twisted, I'm an avid server hoster and have more in my server hardware in my office than most have invested in their cars. This is ridiculous.

    the most frustrating part is the server from my cluster (xbox) that updated first was the one i wanted to change the map to Lost Island but even after updating the map is not available in the drop down...

    nice to know I’m running Xbox/pc servers and it’s not on my drop downs

    I want everyone to know not only are Lost Island servers not available currently but NO servers that are hosted by Nitrado are up and running on Playstation right now.

    Same on xbox.. If your console is updated it will not show any servers but official. Nitrado is lagging way behind on their update for their server consoles.

    I don't blame Nitrado for this; WC could have easily given them the server update last night to prep for today and didn't. WC made the decision to push the server update after the client update. Nitrado is doing the best they can with the hand they were dealt by WC.

    In the past 24 hours my breed line has stopped functioning, mutations are no longer stacking.

    Base female at level 225, gen 8 male at 241; offspring should be and have been either a 225 or a 241 or a mutant at either 243 or 245. Today 11/5 ALL and I mean ALL i cranked the settings and watched the offspring for hours, ALL mutated offspring are 227. The breed line is not increasing in level.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Other than when I cranked the settings to confirm this was not working no settings have been altered on my end. I do notice the server received an update today; cant help but think this is correlated.

    Ahhh ok glad I asked; so than since it's an xbox/windows 10 server what could I do to accomplish what im trying to do? I've never had to restore the server before so I just figured based on the descriptions in the web interface that's where all the saves were.

    Is there a way to command the server to autosave? I guess since it's xbox/windows 10 those are the only saves I can restore from?


    I just went through the trouble of breeding and raising up 19 shadowmanes and a a yuti and I would like to save my server before I take them to my other server to go start knocking out boss progression.

    I am logged in as admin on my server and I'm trying to use the "cheat SaveWorld" command, I've seen in other forum posts that this command does not give you a visual que when it is run so I do not know if I have maybe entered the command wrong but when I go into the web interface for my server and look at all the backups (I'm assuming this save would go to "Map Save Backups (Internal Save Game Backups)" there is not a new file there even after refreshing a few times.

    Would anyone be able to help me out here? Just looking to make a save so if I royally mess up I don't lose (2) weeks of work.

    Thanks in advance :)