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    would like to know as well, i was told i could expect it to happen, couple of days after the game launches. This was told to me a few weeks ago, by one of your employees when i was having maintenance done on one of my servers. Is what he said not true? I have 60 people waiting for this.

    Characters are being lost transferring to and from Aberration. This doesn't happen with any other map. Just Ab. The Character is still in the Ark, sometimes, but the player is forced to create a new character. Do I need to adjust my settings??? Is there any recourse I can take to make this better? Right now I have Tek Transmitters unlocked and hand them out 2 per tribe. I have no problems if people just create a second character and transfer items, its a pain, but people get to keep their imprints. Please Help.

    still down, no response from Nitrado. This has been nothing but a headache, ive only had my cluster up a week, gave them 100's of dollars, and this is what ive paid for. No support, no reasoning, no transparency. I thought this was a "premium" service, i should have known better, usually when beer has a "premium" label on it, it's crap.

    Same boat, 3 out 4 servers down on cluster: ab, ext and Val. These three servers were given a hardware swap last week, and all 3 of them went down around the same time. I had added another map at a different time and that one is just fine. Sadly we are all paying for this down time.