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    NY servers have been down for 5 hours now, there is a thread concerning it in the forums. This effects my NY server as well and I'm only replying to this thread to give a mod a notification regarding

    Few hours later after i decided to actually be productive and clean my car out rather than sit here and try the servers repeatedly, I am still receiving the same error message and have not heard back on the status of my ticket, which I've had open for about 5 hours now. Shutting my server down for the night and will try again in the morning. I read nitrado usually takes 24-48 hours to respond to a ticket, so I'm just forgetting about it for now. Real shame this happened RIGHT when i was toying with expert settings, now I have to wait just to see if I can properly put extinction dinos onto val. Tough cookies, but I believe they're still the most reliable service out there despite the minor inconvenience.

    Also having this issue for about two hours now. I was toying with expert settings for the first time and thought the issue was on my end, so its nice in a way to hear that its not. I've tweeted at DOAGEN (one of the forum mods) as I imagine even the forum mods are swamped with stuff right now from people having the same issue. Seems as though only those on the NY Database are having this issue but I'm not sure. Will post if I hear back on twitter. Keep patient everyone, keep in mind the mods and nitrado mods are sifting through hundreds of forum threads and support tickets trying to help each and every one of us