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    Satisfactory dedicated servers have just been released in experimental 5. Please add them so we can help make them better and fix bugs and what not.

    Please ? :)

    Goodday folks from Nitrado,

    Im already trying to get a server up and running for at least nine hours, so far i havent been able to. And the customer support hasnt been any help yet either, or reply..>.> I tried everything, ive been changing few things on and off in the server.ini file, reinstalled, resetup. scorged the whole wide web for everything i can find about it but.. no. nothing much. So if anyone could be able to give me a hand:D im noob in coding and know only basics but you gotta start somewhere right! I wanted to import the save game from singleplayer as well, i think it went just fine with filezilla but cant be sure couse i cant connect to check, thanks in advance!

    Having the same issue atm, what was the solution ?