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    Hey, go write a support ticket, a lot of people are going through the same thing. It takes 24-48 hours for them to respond so the sooner you write one the better. A bunch of people seem to be getting it resolved that way

    hey, glad to know the issue isn't on my end. i thought it was just being finicky, I've reset it many times and i am still having trouble. could someone post the link to the support ticket area? i have yet to make a support ticket, and judging by the responses here, i got quite a wait. will nitrado refund the day's it takes for them to respond? i purchased the server earlier today and haven't gotten a moment of play time on it. I have 89 days remaining and i hope that these next few day's won't be stolen from me or i might as well ask for a refund.

    Hey there. You might be happy to know that i'm going through the same issue so you aren't alone. I purchased the server earlier today and it won't let me even start the server. I've reset and reconfigured the server at least a dozen times to no avail. I'm going to contct support in the morning but i am hoping one of the moderators will be kind enough to give us some answers. ive basically given up at this point but I'll mention this thread to support tomorrow so they know i'm not the ony one encountering issues with their data center. heres to hopinh this gets resolved ASAP.