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    But he should have been higher on the pre order list according to the statements that u guys keep referring us to. By my count that's 23 days before the server went live. Plus 11 days since it came out. That's ridiculous. And even if he bought 23 days from today that means he bought it in July and still don't have it what does that mean for people who bought it in the first week of August. Smh

    Let me start by saying to Rondeau and mekki that you two have been awesome given the situation that your company and Bohemia have put you in. But the only options that we have as customer is to question what is going on to ensure that the product we have paid for and wait for arrives. You guys have been understanding given all the crap that's been going on. As for the thread bumping. I had to ask my wife what it even meant 😂. I was only trying to figure out the order the best way I could. I ordered mine 10 days ago. So say someone responds to my post saying they ordered their server 12 days ago then received it today then that gives me some kind of window to go on.

    What done is done. I was really looking forward to seeing how much fun my boys and I were gonna have on our server. We planned on trying it out then renting one for the year. I understand that you don't own or have control over either company but you represent them. When you tell us the same thing over and over, people get frustrated. The posts on Twitter says the same thing over and over with different wording meaning the same thing. I have pre-ordered many games and on release day I received my pre order. Red dead, cod, GTA, battlefield 5, and so on and so forth. Even when there were issues they were on it that day posting updates, etas, info within hours of any issues.the last post from Bohemia was 3 days ago. Nitrado yesterday. Dude you picked the wrong place to volunteer for.

    I was just try to get some idea from my fellow community members. Then I get warned for bumping a thread. SMH. There has been no info other than watching Twitter for info that doesn't get posted every 3 or 4 days saying we don't know when you will get your server. That could be any day you decide to honor your product. Do you think that if Nitrado said at the time of pre order there's a chance that what you pay for won't be received for weeks that I or anybody else would pay for it knowing that. We would wait until it worked before paying. Just like Nitrado should have before charging thousands of gamers for something they could not produce. But no worries. I already cancelled.

    Almost 2 weeks. I tried to show patience but 2 weeks is a lot to ask after waiting months. Cancelled the pre order. People should probably do the same and I bet it won't be a pre order anymore. They just want our money with no intention on providing the product they advertise. Good luck guys. The wait was real.

    I have been. There is no info pertaining to how many per wave. No dates of release. Or even a ETA for when all the preorders could possibly be filled. So I am trying to see if the community can help me estimate my wait time instead of being referred to a post that's a week old that more vague than helpful.

    No new info from either company. Rented 2 servers. One right as they were available and one 5 days ago. So the bs about an order they are releasing them is a lie. But they post something on Twitter about livestreaming. I don't think Nitrado understands there is a such thing as guilt by association. For everyone else there is a way to cancel the pre order. You have to call xbox support itself. From my conversation with them they are not even hesitating to refund and cancel the pre order because of all the complaints from all the gamers that are left in the dark. Good job Bohemia and Nitrado. :thumbup:

    I have. No new info for days. Its cool. I am just going to cancel the pre order and wait until whichever company finally figures out how to make it work. Be it tomorrow or next year. If everyone is smart, I guarantee that if even half the people that haven't received their server requests refunds the servers will miraculously appear.

    I see so many servers online but mine is missing in action just like my money. I understand that the streamers generate lots of money for them but I have never seen a company have so many issues releasing something that they expect to be paid for. Non streamers spend money to. Maybe they should rotate the private servers so others can enjoy what they paid for.

    I know that it's not your fault but all of these gamers paid your company that's obviously profit sharing with Bohemia. Yet we are at the mercy of a unresponsive company. I appreciate you responding.

    I have and it doesn't make any sense to me. There are hundreds of empty severs on dayz itself. Yet it seems that all the streamers are up and running. Just trying to determine whether I should dispute the charges with my credit card company.

    Day 2. It's funny how our money was excepted before they knew the servers were working. And for icing on the cake they tell us to have patience. What about their patience on waiting to be paid until the servers actually work? 🤔