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    Thanks for your reply. I would possibly think that would be the case or cause rather however I've seen no change in version number on the server. I haven't seen any downloads or messages regarding game updates. And the last update to come to the Android or iOS store I believe was back in June. I do wish I had the PC version looks so much clearer and more fun.

    Game is still fun on mobile and quite addictive. That's why I am spending time to investigate further and ask those such as yourself with much more experience then I.

    Thanks again for the response.

    Hello I had a question for those that rent their own server as I've been having some difficulty lately with basically keeping it online and not auto shutting down with or without warning.

    Is ANYONE else experiencing this?

    I've been told that I didn't have enough automated tasks setup by nitrado customer support and that one daily restart is also insufficient and to add more. Reason being that Ark has this built in "feature" that shuts down idle servers (no one connected) after a period of time.

    I've since increased the amount of daily reboots to every 12 hours and also added a weekly full 15 minute shutdown.

    However I'm still experiencing this problem where my Discord will ping me notifying me they cannot find the server or connect. Yesterday happened with players on the server with no countdown and just a message on the main menu screen stating you've been kicked due to a server maintenance restart.

    So how do you all have your automated tasks setup? Is it really necessary to have a restart performed every 6 to 8 hours especially when I only run a 10 person public server (not basic) and maybe have only gotten to 8-9 players tops at some point. Typically averages around 3 to 4 during weekdays.

    I'm curious, are there additional / hidden settings that can be unlocked or made available to us server owners on mobile? Such as the gamma setting for day to night or damage multipliers etc..

    Or are we simply limited to the few options in the web interface? No editing any game / ini. Files or anything?

    Thanks in advance, I'll await a reply.

    This is still occurring despite deleting all of my automated tasks and reentering them.

    I get no warning or message and I'm suddenly kicked every night around this time from my server stating to rejoin in a few minutes as the server is restarting for maintenance.

    Is this normal every night? I have it to set to reboot twice a week.

    I'm running an ark server and have been fairly happy but I have an issue I'm curious about. I have 3 specific days of the week setup in my auto tasks to restart the server at the same time which is 4am PST / 12pm UTC. This has been working fine except for today. The server correctly restarted at the 4am time (however it does this without a countdown or warning message which ignores the one I input into the task) and came back up fairly promptly.

    Then an hour later the server starts a countdown message on the side of the screen, starting at 60 seconds stating that the server is shutting down.

    Question being, why did this occur and why is it different from the ones I have set in server auto task settings?