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    Going on 4 days now without a reply to my ticket or having any correspondence with support. I can't even reach them via phone any longer as I get a message saying there isn't any support agent available and to call back at a later time before it hangs up.

    It's been well over a week since I've had a working server and I feel as though I've been more than patient with this. I'm not sure what else to do at this point. Keep waiting I guess?

    Going on 5 days now without a resolution or much support. Still no reply via email and only got someone on the phone briefly enough to tell me "they're working on it but no eta".

    Yeah I got made aware of that when I tried a while back the first time, they've always had to do it for me in the past and never really been an issue before. However it seems the website to the support page at least for me is also inaccessible as it just continues trying to load but never does.

    By the way thank you for your time and responses here.

    Yeah I did a couple days ago and just updated my ticket via email with them regarding the current situation after they "changed some things on the backend" to get it more stable everything got worse since I received that email early early this morning.

    Unable to access web UI or main website, forums seem to be unaffected fortunately. Server is fully wiped with everything gone (never had this happen before), and I can't reach their support team that asked me to let them know how it's working since the change. I wouldn't be as concerned about the situation if the server was simply inaccessible, but the data being missing has me somewhat anxious as it's got at least two years of progression with myself and many others on it.

    Still no change... My server is in New York btw as I saw other mentioning there's is in Miami. Is this widespread?

    I've tried calling support only to get transferred to voicemail twice and the third time I waited for about half an hour on hold before it disconnected.


    Same issue and error code here but on mobile. What's worse is that logging into my server that I've had with over two years of progress for myself and other players has been wiped out. I logged in a moment ago to find my server is back to day 1 with all tames, structures, items, premium, amber, everything gone.

    I've already opened a ticket for this.. But I can't access the web UI to do anything or even view my backups.

    The server move is not instant. Once the new location is selected, another page is displayed where you confirm the change.

    I just did a test and it worked.

    If you continue to have issues please reach out to Nitrado Support. Thank you

    Can you confirm after leaving the page that the change didn't revert (it does everytime in my case) and / or checking the server IP address to see if it has changed? My IP address won't change even after rebooting.

    Just curious if it is just an issue on my end or if it is affecting anyone else by chance. I've used two different browsers just in case to be thorough. I'll be making a ticket with support just wanted to include the information here and let them know it doesn't seem to be an isolated issue with only my server.


    I recently moved across the country away from the west coast so I've been trying to change my server location to one of the east coast locations like New York or Miami through the website. It seems to accept the change when I do try however after refreshing the web UI it reverts back and I also noticed the IP address isn't changing.

    I have fully shut down the server first before attempting to edit the server location of course. Anyone encountered this problem with being unable to edit your servers location?

    Hmm, still waiting on that update. I think if I hadn't received a pop-up then I wouldn't as curious when it's coming I guess lol. First time I have ever seen a popup notification from the mobile Nitrado app.

    Hey I got a notification on my phone about my server getting an update or something but unfortunately didn't get to see or read anything else regarding it before the notification disappeared.

    My question is, what is the update changing and how or when will I know that it's completed? I checked all the logs and saw nothing about any update or unscheduled restarts and also the version number of the server is the same as before (192.1).

    Can anyone shed some light onto this?

    Very annoying if you forget to set a platform it erases your entire post and makes you start over.

    Anyways, I went to my server settings to enable eerie spawns however the option seems to be missing. I see the new filter "show only settings added in the last 7 days" but checking this yields no results.

    When can we expect eerie spawns to be enabled as I thought the 21st was the start of the event?

    It's been through the night will no change in the server state as it's still unusable. I've tried the force stop and force start commands with no success. The server despite it saying it's started at one point doesn't show up in the server list for me or any of my players. When I go to hit stop on the server the command instantly takes and the server shows its offline within seconds. It doesn't seem ss though the server is even on in the first place.

    Whoever is the bozo at Nitrado that started an unauthorized restore of my server without warning should be fired for the type of incompetence and stupidity displayed.

    Unlikely to be renewing any server with Nitrado ever again as the majority of their support staff come off as rude and uncaring. Been a couple I've encountered which are solid and good, but 80% I'd say are trash and should not be employed there unless they genuinely don't care about their customers.

    Yeah they're also wiping some progress on my mobile server without any prior notification stating there was a "minor glitch in the files". So they shutdown and then did a restore which is resulting in what appears to be an entire day of progress for everyone, right in the middle of peak hours tonight with several of us running a dungeon.

    Their response to my emails has gone unanswered. The support they offer or lack thereof is a joke. As you guys are on console and not mobile, you should have other options for renting a server from someone that's not Nitrado. I recommend you do that if possible and bring any intact save files with you beforehand.

    My server is stuck in a shutdown state and won't respond to commands either. I've given up for the evening and going to a different game.

    Sorry to hear about your loss too.

    Wow I'm in disbelief right now. So for whatever reason Nitrado customer support without any warning or prior notification shut down my server and locked the web interface. Next thing I know they are doing a restore of a data backup and then changing server machines as the IP number and port for the server both changed.

    I then get an email after all this has been done stating this (see attached). Just so everyone reading this knows last time they did a restore when I had been asking questions about something unrelated I lost a significant amount of money due to losing my 600 amber that had recently been purchased.

    And the new machine they put me on is also still stuck in a reboot loop 🙄

    I've never experienced this poor of customer service before. I had been given no reply for 5 days of messages after having answered their questions and then suddenly this happens this evening.

    Anyone else out there? Especially mobile server admins but also I would like to hear from all platforms.

    Do you have any issues with your server automatically shutting itself off during the day or night? How many automated tasks (server restarts) do you have setup daily?