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    Please contact the support directly, the community can't help you here and the mods also don't have access to your services.

    NITRADO Support

    Contacted support first, then i wrote here. After post on forum they just started investigating problem. I still don't have any info about what is going on, i can access server now, but I'm on different IP, different FTP login and whole reinstalled server. I lost week of setuping and editing server. There was a backup possibility on web interface, its empty now.

    In dashboard, it says:


    I don't want to offend someone, we are people, making mistakes, but some info would be nice to hear about it.


    Hello, i cannot access to my server, ftp not work and web interface is unreachable with :

    Oops... An error occurred

    This Service is not a Gameserver. Please contact the support.

    i hope, that my files have been backed up...

    Is here someone who got this announcement today too?