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    So I have I have recently installed a server with RE 1.5.5(the lastest version) installed following the guide. While we can play the vanilla game content and part of the RE well. It seems the all asset bundle from project eden can not be loaded. A bunch of messages like 'Could no load asset bundle 'eden_blockmodles' and Could not load asset bundle 'eden_projectiles' pops up in console when I played and the custom blocks displayed as white blocks. The projectile is the most annoying part: unlike the models, every single shot from the modified turrets will give a error message on screen which make the game totally unplayable.
    I had also post the issue to the author of mod and was told this is because the server won't support the mod. So I am here, the support ticket category seems to be too general so I hope me description could be helpful.

    P.S I've tried to reinstall the mod to be sure not a single file missing. Also I have copied the prefabs and bundles to the original game file but non of them works.