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    Are you running mods? i had an issue during the downtime. Turns out that the server had gotten corrupted. i'd suggest doing a reinstall of the server and double checking the file system to make sure it does install correctly. And doing the same in the file system when you're installing mods, as they don't always install correctly first time.

    Had a similiar issue, might be able to help? I did notice that during the worst period of downtime, that the server got corrupted and it took two reinstalls to get in working again. Perhaps give that a shot?

    Also if you're running mods, i'd suggest double checking the file system to check that the mods installed correctly after the server node fubar from the other day.

    Fixed it ourselves. after a LOT of digging [pretty sure it'd have only taken the server admin two seconds to check] that despite installing the mods seperately, they didn't install correctly.

    Also had to redo all the Game.ini and GameUserSetting.ini files as they also got corrupted from a fresh reinstall [coz that makes total sense].

    I've done a complete fresh install of the server, downloaded each mod individually, triple checked the order, triple checked it for mod conflicts and im now doing reinstall to rework the whole thing.

    Thre server starts up for all of 5 seconds then it shuts itself down. I'm getting very fed up and frustrated with the lack of service that is being given out.

    And only 4 and half hours of tech support being online is down right insulting. Im solely tempted to demand a refund and go else where for my ark.

    i just finished a reinstall and there's already a ticket up. here's they can fix it.

    i ran it vanilla as well and got 50 minute load time on the server with around 4 stops before it loaded, it stayed loaded up for all of 5 minutes before it restarted itself.


    I've just reinstalled the server as i kept having issues in getting the custom map to load [fixed that by running it to install seperately] and now i'm having issues with getting the game and gameusersettings ini files. I put in expert mode, go into the files, the files are empty.

    please assist?