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    My server also is currently still experiencing the same issue. I have already submitted a ticket and am waiting for a response. It seems odd though as to why the ark update would break the nitrado server start up, ark itself runs fine with the update. Unless its a memory allocation issue on the hosting device? i do remember seeing the physical memory in the logs near the limit before the (i think) 22gb update was installed? id still rather be informed of atleast the reason why our servers wont start if possible please.

    What sort of hang up could cause it? I mean ive looked through the logs that are available to end users and theres no logging that gives me any info on it, all i see even remotely relative is

    ni2238546_1 restarted more than 10 times in a row. There seems to be something very wrong. Stopping server. (WINDOWS)

    and thats only because it hasnt successfully started even once. Could it be a setting I changed? It started after the update to the server that was done