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    WayWay369 on the WebUi on the bottom left it will say reinstall server. When doing a back you may lose soem stuff It all depends in when the last server backup was saved

    I tried doing that and it didn’t work the server is stopped. I’ve been having issues with Nitrado everyday since I got my server and it’s starting to get to the point i might switch to different servers. I’m just trying to play with my family and I haven’t been able due to the servers!

    WayWay369 with the ark servers updating today and the Dayz craziness yesterday they're still very busy with phone calls I would assume. You can always try to reinstall the server then apply a back up to see if this corrects the issue

    How exactly do I reinstall the server? Im using the Xbox to do most of this. I know how to roll back my server to the last saved I’ll probably lose some of my stuff but I know how to I don’t know how to reinstall it though please help! Again I tried to start it and it said the server is stopped and I’ve tried starting it over ten times and I’ve tried a Force start.

    hopefully everyone else's is updating. It just takes time. It's always when you go to get home and jump on for the day that it's no there and or updated. We've all been there. Keep me updated everyone

    I’m pretty confused with what’s going on with my server. I have started it and then it automatically shuts down and the update has gone through. I’ve tried calling Nitrado but it said busy.