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    My suggestion is to add a force shutdown/start button that appears after 30 seconds of a server not restarting or stopping as I usually have to wait like 5 minutes for the button to appear, and I usually have to be on the tab that the server is on for it appear (for example I cant be on another window or tab in chrome and let the button appear). Its also annoying when your trying to do something fast and the server doesn't wanna quickly restart or stop.


    Your boost code is located on the nitrado app on your xbox one. There is a little symbol that looks like a rocket ship next to each of your servers. This is where your boost code for that specific server is located.

    Thank you also im having a problem with one of my servers being stuck in a restart loop and sometimes it will say the server is restarting and it will say that for a while. Would you know how to fix this?

    On all my ark servers except for one server for some reason my wild dinos food wont drain. I've tried deleting the settings in ini and seeing if that would work didnt work I've tried deleting the setting not working and re adding it but nothing will work. I even tried resetting one server to see if it would work and it didnt work. I tried contacting nitrado to see if they could they said they cant do anything with ini settings. If someone could help me that would be amazing.

    For some reason on 8/7/21 my cluster ark server decided that it wasnt gonna allow wild dinos food to drain, and so i fixed it on one map but after i fixed it on that one map it wont fix any other map. I have the right code for dino food drain and everything and nothing will work if anyone knows the fix to this please reply to this post.