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    I tried the dec 25th and ended up on day zero. Tried next one down and have most things back. Lost several hours, but better than all.

    Have same issue everything gone after update. Are server is suppose to be in New York, but backup says it is Dec 24th. New York is still Dec 23rd. Afraid will mess up everything if select that backup.

    My server has been down since the update, I cannot see it on the list. It has a crash report, and log file says Hang Detected, and on restart does not seem to be finishing the complete load of files and will give Hang Detected then will do a restart eventually. I put in a ticket the day of update, they finally got back to me to say they installed one of my backups and if this does not work will have to restart a new game.

    How do you start new game when I can not see the server?????? Getting a little upset about this situation. Also the hours spent on this server to be told sorry but you are going to lose all your work is to me totally unacceptable.

    Verify that your servers on are the latest release. Looks like ARK Xbox had a release today and someone had posted its huge.

    Xbox 790.9 - Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki for more info on the release.

    For those that will ask when their server will be updated, please read
    When will my ARK server update when ARK has an update? [ALL platforms]

    My server is not on the latest version; however after my Xbox was updated I checked status of update on my server which said Updating then later restarting. And low and behold still on version 789.9. Hmmmm :(((((

    My server was showing updating and when restarted still show 789.9. Can not see on server list because it is still 789.9.