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    I have open tickets and they have been open for a few days now with no response . Usually I get a quick response within a day. I understand that they're doing their job and they're also doing what they can, it's just getting old very quickly. Do you know whats going on with the NY servers? Why do they have constant issues?

    Is it possible for Nitrado to change the hosted location after we had already purchased the server? All of my servers are hosted in NY and at least once a week we have issues with connectivity. We do the log check to make sure it is not on our end but when we do have an issue we can't do anything about it except wait. I understand patience is virtue but once a week is getting old and I am losing players. They are becoming impatient with us which I understand. Who wants to play on a cluster that constantly has issues? I am wondering because NY is apparently not a good host location.