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    Thanks for your reply. The issue I'm running into is that certain items are not available to craft, such as the Large Stick Holder and Large Rock Holder, which were added to the game in Ovtober 2016, and are available on the Local server I used to run from the Dedicated Server tool from Steam.

    Comparing the dates on the files from the nitrado server vs my local server, the nitrado files appear to be about 2 years older. Does that mean the steam version is not running a stable version of the server or that the nitrado version is running an older stable version?

    Is there a way to update the game version of The Forest?

    On the dashboard it says v0. which I'm assuming is the game version, and would make this an alpha/beta version of the game. I'd like to at least have a 1.0+ release of the game.

    Can I import the files from my local TheForestDedicatedServer folder from Steam and replace the files currently existing to have the current game version?