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    I'm trying to figure these settings out for DayZ on PS4. It's a Public Server 100 Slot which I would actually like to reduce down to 60 slots if that's possible? If so how do it change it from 100 slots to 60?

    As for server settings.. I would like to get as close as possible to having (3) 4 hours cycles in a 12 hour period. 3 Hours of Daylight 15 minutes of dawn, 15 minutes of dusk and 30 Minutes of actual night.

    Also what is the purpose of having a server restart? Is it just to refresh the server and give it optimal performance? Does it have anything to do with loot in the game respawning or helicopter crash sites?

    If that is the only reason how often should I have the server reset and how do I set it up?

    What is the difference in custom server time or using system time?

    Sorry for having a million questions.. it's my first time ever setting up a server and I'm a noob at it lol

    I preordered a server 2 days ago, still not active it says preordered....this is getting to be a little bit rediculous.

    It wont be up and there is issues on Dayz end they cannot cope with the demand either so they have taken down all servers. I was in the middle of a game and been kicked off just checked and they have said all private servers are now turned off. They have also said likely not to be working this week which gives me a serious issue as I bought my server because I was on annual leave this week and was going to use my time on the game. Now that looks unlikely. I am considering cancelling my serving and ask for a refund. I have been patient but its getting ridiculous now

    Omg really? This isn't good.. I just bought my server too and im in the same boat... I have a week off.. I was going to setup my server and game... but... now im thinking maybe i should just cancel..

    No I dont think so. You can change the server name, lock it with a password, change the timing for day and night. Rest the server and chose what time it is when it restarts ie day or night. Change the camera mode and access the in-game logs.

    Everything else will be dependent on the core game as not any mods so if update 1.2 has these changes so will your server but in the whole just the same game as public servers.

    How do you change server settings as you mentioned above for PS4? I Just purchased a Public Server 100 Slot, NY Location and its showing Pre-Ordered. Is there a control panel on the Nitrado website somewhere for customizing servers as you mentioned or an app that's available?

    Hey there, I just purchased a Public DayZ Server for PS4 it's a Public 100 Slot, NY Location. However it says its in the Pre-Order stage. I thought servers were supposed to be setup immediately? What is the estimated wait time before it will be set up? Also is there a control panel on your website or an App for Admin commands such as messages, kicking, banning, changing server name etc..

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