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    I have had my server running somewhat decently yesterday but for some reason today it keeps crashing; and keeps disappearing from the DayZ Community Server listing on PS4.

    Also I have submitted 2 Support tickets a 2-3 days ago in regards to server issues but have not yet received any response.

    Issue #1 server keeps crashing continuously.

    Issue #2 you keep taking timing off my account when my server has barely been usable since it started last Friday August 16th.

    Issue #3 I decreased my slots from 100 to 64 and followed the directions ii n the process of doing that. It showed my account having a big credit which I decided to extend my server length with by months. However now it's not showing any of that.. No server extension and No credit in my account.

    I have had my server running somewhat decently yesterday but for some reason today it keeps crashing; Or it won't be showing up in the DayZ Community Server listing. This is VERY frustrating because I have paid for a service that so far isn't running smoothly at all, and even more so I have been investing so much time trying to build a community for my server and get players in there... but then the server keeps crashing and they go play somewhere else...... ***SOOO FRUSTRATED***

    Also I have submitted 2 Support ticked a couple days ago in regards to server issues but have not yet received any response.

    Has anyone had issues with this? I have mine set to 3am and 3pm but it seems to just be restarting at random times through out the day/night... Either that or the server keeps shutting down and then restarting it's self?

    To set up my custom server restart times I did it through web interface under tools/timed restart. Is that the correct way?

    Please take a look at the Log Files I attached to this thread and if you can help or inform me of anything I would appreciate it :)

    Im trying to get mine figured out but im struggling... I don't know why they have to make it some complicated lol...

    I want to have 2 server restarts (3am/3pm) which I already setup...

    This is where I get lost; I would like to have 3 full cycles, Each cycle being 4 Hours Long (3 Cycles x 4 Hours = 12 Hours then Server Restart) Id like to have 3.5 Hours of Daylight and 30 Minutes of night).

    Custom Servertime: 2015/4/8/05/25

    Tried to copy a post I saw.. it may be a little out dated and not even work anymore...

    DayZ Server Admin Time Settings & Day/Night Cycle - Dayz TV

    Good things come in time :) lol I was a little bitter having to wait to be honest.. But they did/do have their hands tied waiting for the game to be stable enough for them to open more servers.. plus have a backlog of ordered servers. Just be more understanding of the situation. You will get what you paid for and wont lose any of your server time.

    I got lost on the 3rd step

    Step 1:

    So far I want 2 server restarts (3am/3pm) which would equal 12

    Step 2:

    I want my days to be 3 to 3.5 hours long ok no real time. Which would be either of these...

    12/4 = 3

    12/3.4 = 3.5294117647

    Step 3:

    Lost AF... But I want my night time to be about 20-30 minutes of pure darkness.

    How would you calculate sunrise and sunset into the equation?

    Im trying to calculate having about a 15 minute sunrise, 3 to 3.5 hours of actual daylight playtime followed by 15minute sunset and then 20 to 30 minutes of night. All of this being in a real-time 4 hour period and being able to have 3 full cycles between each server restart.

    How do I know which months and days/times are best for my scenario.. is there a chart or anything showing this information?

    Because it's not based off my location it would be based off of actual game location or server location ?

    Can someone help me with this setup? I'm trying to setup a public server.

    I want the server to restart at 3:00am and 3:00pm

    I'd like there to be roughly 3.5 hours of daylight (including sunrise/sunset) and 20-30 minutes of night time.

    So I guess a 4 hour cycle of day/night repeated 3 times between each 12 hour server restart.

    I'm also not sure what would be good setting for Custom Servertime or what that even is? And should persistent server time be on or off?

    Any additional settings advice would be greatly appreciated

    I actually read that post, tried to reply to it but it kept giving me an error.. also I'm horrible at math and can't figure out the proper numbers/settings I need to input.

    I don't see where it asks me what time I want the server to restart.

    What is persistent server time?

    When people play on that server will it automatically save their gear and such? And can they go play on another server with that gear?

    I'm trying to figure these settings out for DayZ on PS4. It's a Public Server 100 Slot which I would actually like to reduce down to 60 slots if that's possible? If so how do it change it from 100 slots to 60?

    As for server settings.. I would like to get as close as possible to having (3) 4 hours cycles in a 12 hour period. 3 Hours of Daylight 15 minutes of dawn, 15 minutes of dusk and 30 Minutes of actual night.

    Also what is the purpose of having a server restart? Is it just to refresh the server and give it optimal performance? Does it have anything to do with loot in the game respawning or helicopter crash sites?

    If that is the only reason how often should I have the server reset and how do I set it up?

    What is the difference in custom server time or using system time?

    Sorry for having a million questions.. it's my first time ever setting up a server and I'm a noob at it lol

    I preordered a server 2 days ago, still not active it says preordered....this is getting to be a little bit rediculous.

    It wont be up and there is issues on Dayz end they cannot cope with the demand either so they have taken down all servers. I was in the middle of a game and been kicked off just checked and they have said all private servers are now turned off. They have also said likely not to be working this week which gives me a serious issue as I bought my server because I was on annual leave this week and was going to use my time on the game. Now that looks unlikely. I am considering cancelling my serving and ask for a refund. I have been patient but its getting ridiculous now

    Omg really? This isn't good.. I just bought my server too and im in the same boat... I have a week off.. I was going to setup my server and game... but... now im thinking maybe i should just cancel..