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    My location is NY as well, However my web interface is still accessible. But when I try to restart my server it will just shutdown after about 20 seconds. And it has been doing this for a couple hours as far as I know.

    My server keeps shutting down, even after I manually restart it. Is this happening to you guys as well?

    I contacted Nitrado about this a couple days ago and their main goto excuse is "Your server name has to many characters in it, or special characters" But i have tried using an actual server name that follows their guidelines and it still happens. So its coming across as a BS excuse...

    Then the other day I was unable to access my server or web interface and my server was down. I created a support ticked and they got back to me a day later saying "We see your server is back up and running now, if you need any further assistance please let us know"

    Then you reply asking for reasons, and you get no reply....

    If nitrado is doing maintenance let us know! the servers shutting down affects our server population/community and makes good Admins look like donkeys. FIX YOUR S*IT

    I was informed my server got shut down and needed to be restarted. After I restarted the server it kept shutting down right away on its own? Each time I restarted the server it shut down again.. It happened 4 times in a row. If Nitrado is doing maintenance or something they should let us know so we can announce it to our Followers/Community!!!!

    Anyone else having this issue or a way to fix this?

    Okay so last night I performed a server back up to a save point from 2 days ago.

    1) I stopped the server & waited a few minutes
    2) I selected the server back up date I wanted.
    3) Let the server start, restart, stop and load the server backup date selected.
    4) once the server started everything appeared fine... However once moving my character around and looting for 10 minutes I had to log off for a bit. Once I rejoined the server it started me back at the Same Server Backup location and with none of the loot I had just looted. My friends and other server users were experiencing the same issue...
    5) Why would this happen and is there a fix?

    I ended up restoring the server to another backup point that was 24 hours after the original once I selected and everything worked fine?.... Just curious as to why it wasn't initially working? Also can us server owners/admins create our own Server Backup restore points?

    Its been showing off. No one could connect to the server and I could not access my web interface. Nitrados resolution to me since it fixed its self was nothing of use to prevent this from happening in the future. They just said "We checked your server and see that its resolved now and our help is no longer required"

    It appears to have fixed its self, but this keeps happening every so often. Its a HUGE pain in the ass... specially when someone is trying very hard to get the server populated. I had it up to 55 People the last 3 days and then just now it crashed and went down to 0

    So this config didn't work for you? Can anyone provide me with a really good 24/7 daylight setup (no weird night time dusk/dawn sh*t going on.)

    And is there anymore information about editing the configs what we can and can't do and how to set things up?

    I would like to change my server to having restarts every 6 hours too if I can get a custom message to work

    Is there a way to get your server to do a count down before it restarts? Rather then players on it getting a message saying that they were kicked from server?

    Also can we customize messages on our own servers some how?

    I currently have 1 restart time with a custom message setup but the message part doesn't work.

    What's the best method to get your server onto page 1 or 2 of the community server list? I know ! (alot of spaces) and then the server name is one method. But I head that causes server issues/crashing...?

    The other day I saw 4 servers with the same sort of formatting that mine has at the beginning but their servers were the first 4 servers listed on page 1.

    My current server name is:

    ! [28 Days Later] (US-NY) 3.5Hr Days - 30Min Nights

    If you know a good method or way to get my server up there feel free to PM me or just reply to the thread mm

    So since last night September 3rd, my team and i have scavenged every military base several times repeatedly going from one Military site to another in the North West area of the map. Not a single one of us have found any high tier guns such as AK-74, AK-101, AK-M or M4's. And the same issue is occurring today as well except members of my server are noticing and messaging me about it. Has anyone else had this issue with their server?

    I'm not sure why this is happening; Maybe because of the little DayZ update that happened last night? I have only really had my server running for about 14 Days total with an average of 20 players on it at a time. ( and there we some days where it would constantly restart or crash/be down).

    If anyone is having the same issue, Id love to know if its just my server or if others are being effected as well? I'd love to avoid a server reset considering the server has only been up for such a short period of time.

    One thing I have noticed reviewing my log file is that there seems to be a lot of people "hit by Fireplace with FireDamage" and dieing from it. I'm not sure if there is a new glitch out there that involves this method to somehow duplicates gear or if duping still exists?