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    Oone may correct me, but from my experience, is this an automated process - nitrado ofc needs to wait until the latest server version will be rolled out.

    I had once the message on to of my sever webinterface - that there is an issue and the servers will be automaticly resatrt and run the newest version when they have it.


    Please contact Nitrado Support if you wish to find out more information about Hang Detected. They have access to your server.

    As a side note, others w/nitrado or other hosts have been reporting what you mention for this particular map. But some like myself have ran this map since day 1 with no issues. Seems to be random.


    thanks for the quick answer, I opened a support ticket.


    Hello there,

    I rented 4 servers here a while ago and beside the 10 slot server that was once stuck in a restart loop (which was nicely fixed by switching to another mashine, by one of your supportes via sky) i never had any bad issues - beside my low experience in the beginning XD

    so far so good - around christmas I reinstalled one of the 16 slot servers and switched to the new Lost Island map. And i also set up all the other servers in a cluster with exact the same settings and mods. All have active event on. All work nicely ... but

    The Lost Island server seems to hang up itself maybe once or twice a day. I have only one log about this, because I was confused the first few times it happend and restarted the server right away after i got kicked. Because I wasn't able to rejoin but the server seemed still "alive".

    It's not the end of the world, but the max 15min rollback is nothing you want to experience randomly.

    I can't wrap my head around that why this is happening, cause all servers have a copy paste of the original *.ini files beside the needed changes in servername, thast all. All have the same mods and all work without any issues, except the Lost Island server.

    I have nothing regarding to the !!!HANG DETECTED!!! event in the crashstack tab, sure there is one but it is from the 26th Dec.

    This is it:

    ( LowLevelFatalError [File:F:\build\ActiveEvent\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\GenericPlatform\GenericPlatformMemory.cpp] [Line: 51]

    Ran out of memory allocating 1638400 bytes with alignment 0 )

    The hang happend on 30th Dec and sadly I cliced on download log file, but i got an epty log file, guess it is because i downloaded it after the server resarted...

    Please help me to find the issue, thanks in advance and have a happy new year since I expect any respond from you kind guys not a day before new years eve.

    Till than, bye

    ps: you can also answer in German - but I thought it was better to ask in english, sorry about screwing up that language maybe XD

    they may put the server IP (with query port at end) in the steam server list as a favorite, and you may check if your server is set to automatic restart if an update is qued...

    In Steam (top left) click on VIEW - SERVERS - than bottom down ADD SERVER ... add the server IP from the nitrado webinterface 12.345.678.910:XXXXX <- add here the query port

    if added, klick on refresh, server should show up with its name and is shown in ark in the favorites, but you can also start the game from that serverlist in steam by doubleclicking on the said server. Game will launch and attempt to join the said server.

    If the server is running without the current patch and your friends have it already (because steam downloads and installs updates automatically by default if the game is not running), they get usually this message.

    Current Version: v678.20 - 09/08/2021

    • Fixed some incorrect volumes in Mission Zones
    • Fixed a bug where Mini-HLNA emotes didn't play for female characters
    • Fixed a bug where Mantis was not able to harvest with tools

    voila, fixed ... hopefully XD

    v326.13 - 04/23/2021

    - Fixed multiple level-design related bugs such as holes, floating foliage, incorrect volumes, etc.

    - Server config value: "AllowCaveBuildingPvP=false" now supports blocking building in caves on Aberration, Extinction, Genesis Part 1, and Crystal Isles in preparation for Conquest server launch.

    Try to put this line AllowCaveBuildingPvP=false in your gameusersettings.ini in expert mode. Dunoo if it works on your map.