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    Apparently when I was adding some coding the "</spawnabletypes>" was moved from line 3719 to line 4188 and It's causing the whole issue.

    Any ideas on how to fix it?
    Here is the Error message

    ERROR! Severe damage in syntax! you must correct that before continue! The 'type' start tag on line 3719 position 3 does not match the end tag of 'spawnabletypes'. Line 4187, position 3.

    I'm new in this DayZ console nitrado, I was doing something in Spawnable types and now nothing works (No loot in zombies, containers,nothing)

    1st i tried to add <cargo chance="1.0"
    <item name="SodaCan_Cola" chance="1.0" />
    and other items but as soon as I applied the folder
    Cars without anything, Zombies without loot, Gift boxes without loot, backpacks as well.

    2nd try I actually made some Presets and added them to the Spawnable types
    Same result

    Did i do something wrong?
    I'm gonna leave all the files I messed with in case you would like to take a look. cfgrandompresets.txtcfgspawnabletypes.txtevents.txtmapgroupproto.txttypes.txt