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    so heres my rant.

    2 days ago i had problems charging my acct so submitted a ticket for support and got no response so yesterday i added more information in hope they might reply but i still have had no contact from the support team and we're coming up on 3 days now.

    thats the entire weekend ive had no support.

    my server is due for extention tonight and if the problem hasnt been fixed in time im afraid i'll lose my save.

    whats going on? have you all fallen asleep at nitrado?:?::sleeping:

    ive been in preorder status since the 8th as well. checking regularly, hoping it changes but no.

    and today it say i have no services at all! its just vanished along with my place in the queue no doubt.

    no email even to explain. this is by far the worst service ive had online. great job nitrado