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    This is BS.

    Fact is that I start the server and it doesn't even know it's allocations. It's restarting in an empty void of nothing and then complains that it has restarted alot of times in the last few minutes, that something must be wrong so it's going to stop...

    This is only causing more friction. It would be better to tell the truth to the costumers and admit that during the pre-order stage you did squat because you didn't know how many people would actually buy the servers for the first day and now you have thousands of orders to activate, while people, of course, keep turning servers on and off to adjust the settings.

    Well... news flash. It's DayZ, always a wonderfull piece of ... updates with thousands of fans eager to play fraking game that it's still unplayable thanks to you, Nitrado.

    I feel sorry for you because I had a server in Ark for a short period and the service was simple and fine for my needs.

    But this silence, this lack of easy information about this situation, to costumers, is the worse you can do.

    Just be fair, put a big sign at the entrance of your website with the update on the situation, because there are thousands of unhappy costumers right now on XBox and they won't come to the forums complaining to you. Microsoft will take backlash from this if you actually don't inform those people that the servers are taking time to actually work, although the time in the app is already counting for what they paid for. Trouble.