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    Lets start at the beginning.

    I created a Dark and Light server 2 weeks ago. I played for 30 minutes uninterrupted and then i was kicked from the server and have been unable to reconnect to it since. I put in a support ticket right away, and it was responded to by the next day, this is ok. we chatted on the ticket responses but nothing was fixed. Just the same "check your connection, your server looks fine!". So i called customer support, apparently you only have 1 tech working as a primary at a time, because I was on the phone with him a lot through multiple calls. We tried reinstalling the server to different machines 3 times, removed all mods, reinstalling the game, purchasing an entire new server, when the primary was sure he could not fix the issue, he had me run a tracert on my computer. I ran this immediately and sent it through the proper support channels and I STILL have not heard a word about it. Worst of all, after that entire dilemma your support team had the gull to blame it on my connection AGAIN, which I SHOWED them i could connect to any server within seconds, just not my own. This now proves not only does your support not have a clue what's going on, but they also never read ticket history.

    I have been a customer of yours for years and do not understand the complete lack of technical knowledge, communication, and follow up. You have my tracert reports, USE THEM. I have already sent support a message stating if you continue to run me around in a circle I will request a complete refund of all my purchases and take my business to your competitors.