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    Maybe I am misunderstanding, but I thought the Halloween event was live on all servers. Do I need to do something on my PC DayZ server to turn the event on? It is not currently on for my server. Thanks.

    I am 5 months in to renting my DayZ PC server. I have learned to do most things, but there is one thing that still escapes me. I would like to make the players on my server name their characters, so there are no more characters named "survivor." I have seen posts that say it is possible, but not HOW. I have googled. I have searched Steam Workshop, but I am drawing a blank. How would I do this? If it is a mod, please point it out to me. If it is something I do in the file browser, please step by step me through, or point me to a current tutorial, please. Thanks!

    Hi, I am new to having a server so please be understanding. I have looked in the forums and I have googled. My dashboard says my server was updated to v1.13 this morning. But when a player tries to play (using official launcher or DZSA) they get a message saying the server has to be updated. Is there some steps I need to take on my end? If so, can you step by step them for me, please? Or point me to the info if it already exists somewhere. Thank you for your patience.

    Hi all! I have a DayZ PC server that is about 3 months old, so I'm fairly new to things. I hear there is an update coming soon, and I'm wondering (and I have searched and googled) if Nitrado wipes servers at update? Do I wipe my own? If so, is it mandatory or optional? How would I go about a wipe if I wanted to do one? Thanks for your help, and sorry if I missed this. I saw the wipe announcements from DayZ, but they are unclear to me. Maybe I need more coffee, =)